What can a cylindrical printer print

May 28, 2024
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Cylindrical printers can be applied to flat raw material products such as porcelain plates, glass, acrylic, etc PVC、ABS、 Organic board, metal, wooden board, plastic, stone, leather, building materials, decoration materials, silicone, 3D three-dimensional painting grating board, grating film, and other canvas, oil painting cloth, lightbox cloth, etc. are not limited to raw materials and color printing of drawings; Products that can be applied to curved materials: insulated cups, circular speakers, circular wine bottles, circular craft gifts, and other unlimited materials, as well as picture printing. The printing orientation is accurate, avoiding the problem of orientation deviation encountered by manual printing.

Cylindrical printers no longer follow traditional printing forms and methods, but are connected to computers and combined with automation control technology, which can accurately align the area and orientation to be printed, avoiding the problem of orientation deviation encountered in manual printing. Therefore, conducting multi-color printing at once will not have the problem of color matching. These advantages can also be effectively combined with processes such as carving and etching, printing beautiful images in the carved area, and perhaps performing precise etching after printing. It can be seen that this product has made new breakthroughs in industries such as carving and etching, and can play a better role, making it suitable for professional use in more remote industries.

The cylindrical printer can change the content and effect of printing at any time, and can print in bulk without the tedious process of plate making. The manufacturing process of the insulated cup printer is simple, and the cost is low, fully reflecting the strong market potential, breaking the bottleneck brought by printing methods such as screen printing and heat transfer printing, and finding new profit growth points for customers.