Precautions for the use of UV printer nozzles

September 26, 2022
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With regard to the precautions for the use of the UV printer nozzle, the nozzle, as a delicate part of the UV printer, needs to be paid attention to during the use process, because the nozzle plug will be caused due to careless operation, which will lead to the direct damage of the nozzle in serious cases. In order to avoid unnecessary losses to customers, the following is the precautions for the use of the UV printer nozzle.


Causes of nozzle failure:

First, the ink will block the orifice after the nozzle accumulates to a certain extent.

This is a common nozzle clogging, because the ink must volatilize into the air to dry the screen. Ink is a liquid that is easy to evaporate, and it is easy to volatilize in the air to clear solids. When spraying paint to materials, the orifices will always leave some ink around them. This ink will slowly make the orifices smaller or even block the orifices after drying in the air, which is why we often clean the nozzles.


Second, the filter screen in the nozzle is blocked


If the nozzle is not used for a long time, the ink is easy to be adsorbed on the internal filter screen or the wall of the ink path, which reduces the ink flow area and also causes the phenomenon that the nozzle does not produce ink.


Third, the fault of the drive circuit

The aging of the electronic components of the drive circuit and the accumulation of too much dry ink dirt may affect the voltage of the drive nozzle, resulting in no ink output from the nozzle or unstable ink output.


Fourth, change the ink of different batches

Replace the ink. It is recommended to replace the ink of the original manufacturer. If the ink of different batches is replaced, the nozzle is likely to be blocked, and in serious cases, the nozzle will be damaged.


Precautions for daily use:

1. The cleaning solution has a certain corrosivity, so it is recommended to generally take an appropriate amount of it into the nozzle for cleaning.

2. The mixing of two inks with different configurations will change the color and quality of the ink, and the ink with poor quality will affect the painting effect and block the nozzle.

3. Do not use brute force to replace or fine tune the nozzle. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the specifications.

4. Do not install or disassemble the circuit of 2513uv printer without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This will damage the service life of each system and endanger the nozzle.

5. Do not remove the nozzle from the UV printer and place it separately, especially in dusty places. The moisture contained in the UV ink will gradually evaporate, and the dry ink will cause the nozzle to block. If the nozzle is blocked, it should be cleaned before use.