The benefits and advantages of cylindrical printers

April 16, 2024
Latest company news about The benefits and advantages of cylindrical printers

A cylindrical printer is different from other printers that print flat objects. It can print patterns on circular sample materials at 360 degrees without dead angles. As long as your image is the same size as the bottle, it can achieve seamless connection, making the printed pattern look like it is naturally generated on the bottle.


What are the benefits and advantages of a circular printer?


1. The diversity of nozzles, circular printing uses dual nozzle multi-color nozzle printing, which has richer colors and can even blend into dozens or even dozens of colors, meeting all our color needs. There is no need to worry about not being able to produce the desired results due to insufficient colors.


2. Strong driving force, the circular printer comes with a roller, which can rotate on its own and achieve vibration free operation. There is no need to worry about the displacement of the sample material caused by the roller driving, which may cause misalignment of the printed sample.


3. High quality assurance, the circular printer uses imported components, which are perfectly connected through our professional technicians and splicing techniques. Finally, multiple tests are conducted by the most authoritative experts before being delivered to the buyer before leaving the factory.


4. Our circular printer can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. With a length of 2.4 meters, it can accommodate more than thirty circular sample materials for sampling, which not only improves work efficiency but also increases production values, greatly solving our needs.


5. Another advantage of a circular printer is that it reduces the printing sound to the lowest possible level. It does not produce unnecessary noise, and the machine itself does not produce any sound except for the sound of the nozzle moving. Therefore, there is no vibration sound that traditional machines produce when moving, which can be annoying.


6. The air is odorless, and the circular printer inherits all the good characteristics of UV flatbed printers, especially the ink. The ink we use is all imported from foreign countries and can perfectly match the printer, achieving fast drying, high quality, and good results. Especially when printing, there is no need to worry about the odor of the ink spreading throughout the air, which can cause discomfort because the circular printer will completely seal the ink and not let the odor of the ink emit.