What affects the accuracy of digital printing machines

April 29, 2024
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Many factories are using digital printing machines now, but how to choose the best digital printing machine and what is its printing accuracy related to?


1. The minimum ink droplet of the nozzle

Generally speaking, the smaller the ink droplet, the higher the printing accuracy. However, sometimes it is necessary to choose the most suitable combination based on the requirements of ink volume and grayscale.


2. Number of nozzles

The number of nozzles has a significant impact on printing accuracy, with higher requirements for the combination and splicing of four/eight color inkjet nozzles.


3. Number of printed passes

The same color input results in higher accuracy with fewer passes, which is also one of the reasons why staggered arrangement does not have higher accuracy than side by side.


4. Matching ink and nozzle

Whether ink can come into contact with the medium as circular ink droplets will affect the presentation effect, so ink needs to be highly matched with the nozzle.


5. The arrangement of nozzles

Under the same conditions, using staggered arrangement will increase the printing width, but it will sacrifice accuracy.


6. Printing equipment transmission accuracy and flatness of the platform

Transmission accuracy and platform flatness can affect the placement of ink dots and affect printing accuracy.


7. Waveform compatibility between board and nozzle

The stability of chip signal output and the requirements of waveform for printing can affect printing accuracy.